Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Coming Soon! Spring 2015

Oh it's coming  It may not feel like it these days, but before you know spring 2015 will be here,  Along with it comes our incredible spring summer collection.    We shot the collection the other day, and here is a sneak peak of what will be hitting on February 15th!  Can't wait.  Don't ask about the pineapples.  It was the most tropical accessory we could find in the middle of January.  and just happens to be my kids favourite fruit.  gotta love a set you can eat!

Friday, January 23, 2015


a weekly portrait of my children

Scotty:  He officially does not need help on or off the chairlift 

Mimi : Made the volleyball team !

John : My man child! 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Being Julia : Fur-Tastic

Well this may not be my grandma's fur coat, but it could have been!   We collected a ton of vintage fur coats last season to make our Edith Ear Muffs, and I had to snatch this one, before it hit the cutting room floor! I wear this coat all the time. (no matter what my son says!)  I sometimes feel a little over glam in it, but paired with denim, or my forever favourite winter shorts, it's just enough glam to get you through the day!

Fur Coat // Vintage (Similar)
Sweater // Vintage (Similar)
Shorts // preloved Vintage
Bag // Zara (Similar)
Shoes // Forever 21 (Similar)

Friday, January 16, 2015


a weekly portrait of my children

Scotty - It is so hard to get this guy off the ski hill.  His favourite is 'dry land training'  aka , soccer is in ski boots!

Mimi - It's amazing how much my kids love this, not so much...If I could go back to that crazy day in July, I might just walk away from that dog farm without one in my car...I tell ya this dog gets by on his good looks alone!

John - I love that he still plays in the snow! 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Jules Approved: Living Room Modani Challenge

 I love home fashion just as much as I love women's wear. Modani offers modern and contemporary furniture that is right up my alley! I took their modern couch and spiced it up with some fun patterns and even some Preloved! 

1. Sofa // Modani 
White, contemporary sofas are my personal favourite. You need a lot of space for the whole family to come together. White sofas also allow the freedom to introduce many prints and patterns to the room in other ways.

2. Chair // Crate & Barrel
On the other hand, I love statement furniture! This chair from Crate & Barrel is the perfect statement piece for any room. 

3. Picture Frames // Zara Home
I like to personalize a space with family photos. These metallic dot picture frames from Zara Home add just enough sparkle into the space. In my eyes, these frames are perfect for displaying my kids' school pictures.

4. Coffee Table Book // Chapters
Every coffee table needs a nice book to sit on top of it. Fashion books make the best coffee table books... But maybe that's just my personal bias. 

5. Throw // Preloved 
These throws are one of our best selling home items year after year. Made from upcycled sweaters, they will keep you toasty warm when relaxing around the house. They're available in three different colours to match any living space.

6. Candle Holders // Brika
Candles make a room more warm and homey, therefore they're essential. These wooden holders tie in with the other wooden accents I chose for this room.

7. Coffee Table // Morba
A chunky, wooden coffee table in the center of the room makes a statement while serving as a functional piece of furniture. This table ties the whole room together while being the most used item in the room. 

8. Pillow // Tonic Living 
Part of the reason I love white sofas is because you're able to dress them with decorative pillows. These pillows add tons of character to the room by adding pops of colour throughout. Plus, you want to be comfy while kickin' around the house!

9. Side Table // Black Rooster Decor
This little table is the perfect mix of modern and contemporary by mixing woods and metals.

10. Storage // Ikea
Every parent knows just how essential storage is in a living space. These rattan baskets are perfect to put anything in to keep the living space looking clean and fresh at all times.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Jules Approved: Resort 2015 Collections

I have been in this business too long,  because I am old enough to remember when we only had to design two seasons - Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer. Now I can't even count how many sessions  there are...'pre-fall', 'spring 1', 'holiday'..but I can tell you for sure my favourite 'new' season is Resort..below are a few of my fave collections this season

Favourite Resort 2015 looks

Smythe is a Canadian brand, known for their jackets and coats. I just love the the contrast between classic tailoring and modern edge. You just know when something is made well. 
Suno is a New York womenswear brand created by Max Osterweis and Erin Beatty. They are a fashion business with a conscience. They make use of talent from Kenya, Peru and India and incorporate their signature patterns, textures and prints to their designs. 
Michael Kors
Michael Kors has become a household name. He started off designing women's sportswear and is now creating feminine dresses with a hint of much needed masculinity. 
Free People
Free People is a fashion clothing chain that presents boho inspired pieces. I'm really digging the styling in their campaign, and feel free people really meshes will with preloved! xoxo

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Being Julia: Polar Vortex

I am determined to not let this winter get to me or my wardrobe.  I have spent so many winters in sweat pants, turtle necks and sorrels.  Nothing wrong with that look, but it becomes a clutch, and for me my every day go to.  Oh it's too cold to get dressed. It's just so much easier to but on the winter uniform.  The problem is,  you end up feeling like this winter is never gonna end, and wishing away the  entire season.  I just love my new insta- crush Karla Reed and her philosophy about getting dressed! I couldn't agree more with her quote : It's amazing what you can accomplish in a day when you feel put together and good about yourself!   It is so true. So this winter, polar vortex and all, I will be dressed ready to take on the world and a -23 with the windchill  #lifeinCanada....

Jacket // Zara 
Shoes // Zara (Similar)
Gloves & Earmuff // preloved
Legwarmers // Roots by preloved

Thursday, January 8, 2015

52 Project - 1/52

I first considered doing  52 project  in 2013.  Then thought  about it  again in 2014.  Then  this year I said,  you know what I am going to give it  try it!   Then I had to stop myself, because there is no try!  I heard the voice in my head. The one that is going to help me get through 2015 with less stress...Yoda...yes Yoda from Star Wars.  I hear that little squeaky little voice in my head...'Do or Do Not, There is NO Try'  I honestly believe that when we 'try' to do something it just creates more stress....'oh ya, great idea lets try and get together'....or ,'I am going to try to get that done by Monday'....either you do it, or you don't....saying NO is one of the hardest things for instead of saying 'no,  sorry I can't do that', I always say I will try....well no more trying for me....So thanks to Knee high to a lady bug I am super inspired to DO the 52 project this it goes  1/52

Scotty - still climbs into our bed every morning...if we are not there, he heads to the couch
Mimi - the most organized 9 year old I know
John - always with his dog.

PS .for more inspiration from my stress master check  out Yoda Quotes

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Let's Do This, 2015!

Well you are officially here, 2015, and you know what, I am ready for you!  I've been waiting.  So far so good.  I mean, we are only 6 days in, but I have a good feeling about you, 2015.  This is gonna be a great year.  I still can't believe that we will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of preloved  Crazy to think 20 years has passed since 1995!  I guess time flies when you are having fun!  So Mr. 2015, lets make this one, the biggest and brightest year yet, and bring on the celebrations....#prelovedturns20....lets not worry about what Julia turns, just saying...

Friday, January 2, 2015

Holidaze at preloved HQ

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with friends, family, and champagne.  We had our holiday celebration here at preloved HQ equipped with sushi and a vintage scarf table runner! We took some fun festive photos around the office, making use of our resources ..white backdrop, tripod and photoshop abilities.... notice that 2 of our social media interns were unable to make it to the party...but were easily photoshopped into the group shot!...It was like they were here the whole time...Then of course,  we had to send off our dear designer, Yuko to Japan for her own month long Holidaze ! Oh January can't go fast enough! xox

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Jules Approved: Night Out at Rose. Rabit. Lie.

I was asked by to step up to their Vintage Nostalgia challenge and style an outfit for a night out at Rose. Rabbit. Lie. in the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. Rose. Rabbit. Lie. transports you from the chic modern times of the Cosmopolitan to the roaring 20's with its vintage art and shabby chic decor. And you know how much I love making vintage chic...

1. Apple Dress // Preloved
The Apple Dress is from Preloved's Spring/Summer 2014 Collection. It has an aztec print on a silk blend fabric and features vintage lace on the lower panel; easy to dress up or dress down. Another reason I chose this dress is because the feminine drop waist is very 1920's.

2. Fringed Cardigan // H&M  
This cardigan is all about the 20's fringe that Rose. Rabbit. Lie. is about! It glitters and shines in the light; a fashionable choice that will make you stand out from the crowd.

3. Statement Charm Necklace // Topshop
To add some sparkle to this outfit, I chose a statement charm necklace from Topshop.  This necklace sits perfectly and has so much to it, it really captures the eye.

4. Bow Booties // Zara
It's all about the details with these bow booties from Zara. The small cut outs and front bow are so unique to this pair of boots. The slip on back makes them easy to put on for day or night and make you appear effortless chic.

5. Fold-over Clutch // Tory Burch
I am in love with the colour of this Tory Burch clutch. It doubles as a chic handheld clutch and shoulder bag for the woman on the go.

6. NARS Lipstick // Sephora
A bright lip completes this look for a night out. This NARS lipstick is available in tons of shades, but for a night out a bold, feminine colour is the best way to go.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Being Julia: Stay Cozy

If there's one word that comes to mind when wearing the Loreli sweater it's cozy. This sweater is one of my favourite Preloved pieces this season. It comes in grey and black, easy colours to style, and the big turtle neck will keep you warm in this winter weather. These sweaters are on sale today only for $45, so head over to and get it now! While you're at shopping on be sure to check out the gift page for last minute gift ideas... Everything on the page is an extra 50% off!

PS. Preloved is giving a $50 giftcard away everyday to one lucky customer! All you have to do is shop and you're automatically entered to win. Shop and win this holiday season.

Sweater // Preloved
Jeans //  J Brand
Jacket // Preloved Vintage
Shoes //
Bag //
Sunglasses //

Monday, December 15, 2014

Home Decor: Winter Wonderland

For the past week, Preloved has been celebrating 12 days of Christmas with 12 Days of Preloved! Everyday we mark down one of our best selling items to an insane price that you can't resist. Today we have our festive throws on for only $40... Normally $97. These throws are perfect to cuddle up with while watching Christmas movies with the family and sipping hot chocolate.

While you're home over the holidays, get into the Christmas spirit by decorating your house. I've put together a few, simple decor ideas you can do as last minute Christmas decorating projects. Follow Preloved on Pinterest for more ideas!

1. Wall Decor Tree

No matter how big or small your living space is, you can have a Christmas tree! I've seen wall decor trees done so many different ways... For instance, branches with lights and ornaments like in the picture. Or, you could replace the branches with string and hang Christmas cards over the string. This is so easy, affordable and festive. Get the tutorial for this crafty DIY here!

2. Jars of Christmas

One of the easiest ways you can turn your house into the North Pole is by filling empty vases (or my personal choice... Mason jars) with Christmasy knick knacks. Some filler ideas include candy canes, peppermints, red and green M&M's (tasty treat the kids will love), ornaments or pinecones. Check out The Inspired Home for more ideas.

3. Office Decor

Whether it's your desk at work or your home office, it's easy to get into the Christmas mood while working. Here at the Preloved office, we've glammed up our desks with red and green sparkles. You can buy little Christmas trees that are perfect office size at Ikea. Or take the easy route and decorate with paper snowflakes. We've also filled our breakfast trey that holds all our desk supplies with greenery and ornaments. You can buy similar decorations from the dollarstore to save a couple bucks.

How are you decorating your home and office this season? Feel free to share in the comments below.

PS. Preloved is giving a $50 giftcard away everyday to one lucky customer! All you have to do is shop and you're automatically entered to win. Shop and win this holiday season.

Friday, November 28, 2014

7 Things: Preloved Favourites

I hope everyone is having great luck Black Friday shopping so far today! Here at Preloved, the entire online shop is 50% off (use code "blackfriday" at checkout to score this awesome deal)!! We have tons of new winter accessories like cozy legwarmers, mittens and earmuffs... And of course everyone’s Preloved favourites like the Miss Ellie sweater. We also recently launched “Home For The Holidays” which is all of our home items. Head over to to score some amazing deals and shop your heart out.

If you can't get around to making your Preloved purchase today, there will be sales all weekend long. During Saturday and Sunday the entire shop will be 40% off with free shipping anywhere in Canada for local Saturday! Preloved is proudly Canadian and we want to celebrate that with you! We're also having a Cyber Monday sale so be sure to keep checking back.

Here are my current favourite items from Happy shopping! 

1. Love Bracelet // Preloved
2. Festive Throw // Preloved
3. Edith Earmuff // Preloved
4. Noel Pillow // Preloved
5. Giselle Legwarmers // Preloved
6. Daryl Top // Preloved (also available in eggplant and black)
7. Loreli Sweater // Preloved (also available in black)

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Being Julia: #dateyourchild

I have been making a conscious effort to slow things down a bit lately.  It aways seems crazy this time of year,  but this year it seems worse.  Maybe it's the hockey, the gymnastics, the homework, the playdates, the dog, ( who's idea was the dog) the stress at work, or maybe it's just grade 6 spelling is getting to me. But whatever it is, I gotta slow it down,  I was totally inspired/moved by Shalice Noel and her hashtag #dateyourchild It stuck with me.  So I am making intentional dates with each of my kids. A time to slow down and catch up,  and  more importantly, put on a pretty skirt!  I busted out the good old butterfield skirt, originally designed for anthropoloige, and put on my heels to take out my eldest for a sushi lunch date!  Gotta say, the skirt fit a little better before lunch...just saying.. so thanks Shalice! Some times we just need to be reminded to 'dateyourchild'.

Blazer // Thrifted (Similar)
Shoes // Forever21 (Similar)
Top // Forever21 (Similar)
Skirt // Butterfield by preloved for anthropologie
Bag // Seafoam Envelope Clutch, Lulu's (Similar)