Friday, February 27, 2015


a weekly portrait of my children

This is what you get after a week in vegas, red eye flight and a 2 hour drive up north.  Really don't have anything cute to say about any of them...but do love em to bits!


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

preloved and anthropologie SS2015

I'm just so excited to launch this top we made for Anthropologie I loved working with the team down there and it's amazing what we can come up  with together. To share my excitement we're giving away 4 of these lovely tops on Instagram.

Check out how you can enter to win @prelovedtoronto and @prelovedjules! (on Instagram) 

Contest runs from February 25 - March 6, 2015 

Good luck everyone! 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Keep Calm and Party On

 Well we survived another market week in Las Vegas. I honestly can't count how many times I have been to Vegas.  I don't think anyone could, who  has been in the fashion industry for 20 years.  All I know is we go every February and August and it is what kicks off the selling season. The August market week leads into Labour Day weekend, and February always includes my birthday. So yet again I celebrated my 29th birthday on the Vegas strip.  A few champagne cocktails and red -eye flight home! Just the way I love spend my birthday! 29 has never been so good
jules xo

Sweater // preloved (ss15 coming soon)
Top // Vintage
Jeans // True Religion + DIY
Clutch // preloved archives
Shoes // Zara (Similar)

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


a weekly portrait of my children

Scotty:  loves a cup of tea with his breakfast

Mimi : first race of the season!  right in the middle of the pack.  a great place to be!

John : it is so much easier being a hockey mom, when the win!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Being Julia: Double Denim

I always wish I lived in a place where a denim jacket was considered a winter coat! Not so much here in the great white north! But one can pretend, and if you layer two denim jackets, add a wool scarf, you might be able to last 10 minutes outside in -15 degrees .  Just enough time to shoot a blog post, without catching pneumonia! #ohcanada 

Scarf // Preloved
Tunic // Preloved (coming soon)
Denim Jacket // Gap (similar)
Denim Shirt // Preloved Vintage (similar)
Bag // Miu Miu (similar)
Boots // Forever 21

Monday, February 9, 2015


a weekly portrait of my children

Scotty:  Totally shocked to see me at school pick up! "whatcha you doing here, mom'

Mimi : So grown up, walks to and from school with her friends.

John : Dying for his own phone. 

Friday, February 6, 2015

Being Julia: Pretty in Pink

I am all over this pastel pallet for spring.  I wouldn't consider myself a pastel girl, but this season, it seems all I want to wear are pinks, blues and yellow's, which is quite the departure from my typical all black ensembles. I think it's just an easier way to get though the winter blah's.  Add a little pink to your day,  and before you know it, spring will's hoping!
Coat // Zara (Similar)
Top // preloved SS15 (Coming soon)
Jeans // J Brand. + DIY Distressing
Shoes // Forever 21 (Similar)
Purse // Zara (Similar)

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Warehouse Sale...Virtually

 It’s finally here! I’m so excited to announce our annual warehouse sale starting February 05, 2015 and running til February 09, 2015. This year, we’ve decided to take it to the World Wide Web! We continue to be where our customers are and our customers are online! We’re riding the waves of social media and virtual shopping and loving every minute of it I tell ya! The social media team has been on the hunt sorting, promoting, and preparing some of our trendiest samples for our big sale here at the Preloved headquarters. Here’s some behind the scenes shots  as we anticipate the big event! Remember to keep checking back as we add new products everyday and flash sales throughout the week! Happy Shopping! xo

Monday, February 2, 2015

Resort 2015 Behind the Scenes

Here is a cute little behind the scenes video of latest vintage shoot.   I have to say, carry the vintage clothing on our site, is a total labour of love, and passion of mine.   We ain't running off to Tahiti with the margins on this line I tell ya. But it is something that everyone here at preloved, just loves.  It is the thrill of the find that keeps us all going,  and it continues to inspires us in our design process of our own collections.  So take a peek here, and here!  For the record, I am the only one in the office, that can truly work the fan!!  It's not in the arms, it takes the whole body !! That's 20 years experience right there!

Saturday, January 31, 2015


a weekly portrait of my children

Scotty:  Those ears!!

Mimi : My little ski racer

John : Slightly annoyed by  moms new 52 project

I have realized how hard it is for me to take pictures of my kids in natural light.  I swear the only time I see my kids in the daylight is on the ski hill.  Oh daylight savings can't come soon enough

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Coming Soon! Spring 2015

Oh it's coming  It may not feel like it these days, but before you know spring 2015 will be here,  Along with it comes our incredible spring summer collection.    We shot the collection the other day, and here is a sneak peak of what will be hitting on February 15th!  Can't wait.  Don't ask about the pineapples.  It was the most tropical accessory we could find in the middle of January.  and just happens to be my kids favourite fruit.  gotta love a set you can eat!

Friday, January 23, 2015


a weekly portrait of my children

Scotty:  He officially does not need help on or off the chairlift 

Mimi : Made the volleyball team !

John : My man child! 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Being Julia : Fur-Tastic

Well this may not be my grandma's fur coat, but it could have been!   We collected a ton of vintage fur coats last season to make our Edith Ear Muffs, and I had to snatch this one, before it hit the cutting room floor! I wear this coat all the time. (no matter what my son says!)  I sometimes feel a little over glam in it, but paired with denim, or my forever favourite winter shorts, it's just enough glam to get you through the day!

Fur Coat // Vintage (Similar)
Sweater // Vintage (Similar)
Shorts // preloved Vintage
Bag // Zara (Similar)
Shoes // Forever 21 (Similar)

Friday, January 16, 2015


a weekly portrait of my children

Scotty - It is so hard to get this guy off the ski hill.  His favourite is 'dry land training'  aka , soccer is in ski boots!

Mimi - It's amazing how much my kids love this, not so much...If I could go back to that crazy day in July, I might just walk away from that dog farm without one in my car...I tell ya this dog gets by on his good looks alone!

John - I love that he still plays in the snow! 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Jules Approved: Living Room Modani Challenge

 I love home fashion just as much as I love women's wear. Modani offers modern and contemporary furniture that is right up my alley! I took their modern couch and spiced it up with some fun patterns and even some Preloved! 

1. Sofa // Modani 
White, contemporary sofas are my personal favourite. You need a lot of space for the whole family to come together. White sofas also allow the freedom to introduce many prints and patterns to the room in other ways.

2. Chair // Crate & Barrel
On the other hand, I love statement furniture! This chair from Crate & Barrel is the perfect statement piece for any room. 

3. Picture Frames // Zara Home
I like to personalize a space with family photos. These metallic dot picture frames from Zara Home add just enough sparkle into the space. In my eyes, these frames are perfect for displaying my kids' school pictures.

4. Coffee Table Book // Chapters
Every coffee table needs a nice book to sit on top of it. Fashion books make the best coffee table books... But maybe that's just my personal bias. 

5. Throw // Preloved 
These throws are one of our best selling home items year after year. Made from upcycled sweaters, they will keep you toasty warm when relaxing around the house. They're available in three different colours to match any living space.

6. Candle Holders // Brika
Candles make a room more warm and homey, therefore they're essential. These wooden holders tie in with the other wooden accents I chose for this room.

7. Coffee Table // Morba
A chunky, wooden coffee table in the center of the room makes a statement while serving as a functional piece of furniture. This table ties the whole room together while being the most used item in the room. 

8. Pillow // Tonic Living 
Part of the reason I love white sofas is because you're able to dress them with decorative pillows. These pillows add tons of character to the room by adding pops of colour throughout. Plus, you want to be comfy while kickin' around the house!

9. Side Table // Black Rooster Decor
This little table is the perfect mix of modern and contemporary by mixing woods and metals.

10. Storage // Ikea
Every parent knows just how essential storage is in a living space. These rattan baskets are perfect to put anything in to keep the living space looking clean and fresh at all times.