Sunday, October 4, 2015

Preloved Presents TWENTY with Kate Plummer from Sigg

SIGG was founded 100 years ago by Ferdinand Sigg. They originally manufactured household goods from aluminium such as bed and drinking bottles. Nowadays SIGG is spreading great design, quality and sustainability with their reusable water bottles.

Using reusable water bottles does wonders for your carbon footprint. One plastic bottle can take hundreds of years to decompose which flood up our landfills. Even the production of one plastic bottle uses energy, omits toxins and uses a lot more water to make than you can actually put into the bottle for drinking. Reusable bottles are durable, stylish and better for the environment and your health.

It was an absolute hoot having Kate Plummer come by our studio and make us laugh with her Zoolander poses, reminding me how much I love Charlie's Angels and joining me in a much needed dance off. We're so excited to have SIGG as one of our sponsors. To gain new supporters and friends on our 20th year in fashion makes it even more of a party. 

Watch out for SIGG's amazing products at WMCFashion Week. For more information visit or follow SIGG on Instagram @siggnorthamerica 

Kate wears the Logan coat and Vimy top underneath and Julia wears the Pearl top.
All available at

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Jules Approved: Summer Sandals

Love affair with summer continues!

So why not show off our new pedi in the current sandals trends? Please note: This post may make you as sad as writing it was. Please wear sandals when appropriate and stay away from industrial areas due to the prohibition of open toed shoes... a.k.a OUR OFFICE.




Monday, July 6, 2015

Field Trip - The Stubborn Farmer

Nothing says summer, like hanging out with your cousins up at the cottage. My kids are super fortunate to be very close with both of my sisters kids.  In total there are 8 of them,  ( one missing on this trip) in a span of 7 years, and each weekend of the summer, we all cram into grandma and papa's cottage.  Sometimes to give my parents a break we load up the cars, or boats and head off site for a field trip.  A couple weeks back we had the opportunity for an up close and personal tour from the Stubborn Farmer  It was an incredible experience.  Kids got to muck around in the mud, we learned about growing food locally and even met a lamb that was only a few hours old.  Fun was had by all, but most likely the most fun was had by papa and grandma,who actually got some piece and quite at the cottage!  Imagine that!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Cocktail Crush: Orange Splash

Lets get this summer started!   Schools out and it's kinda of a long weekend!  Can't wait to give this cocktail a try . It's a modern twist to the good old vodka & oj.  Always looking for new ways to jazz up vodka! Nothing says summer more, than vodka, oranges and the dock!! happy weekend friends

Friday, June 19, 2015

Into The Blue

I just love these pants! They make me feel so sporty. #sportyspice.  I picked them up at For Women Only while I was in Yellowknife and I haven't  taken them off since!!   I go from the office, to sales meetings and the soccer field in this outfit.   Athleisure is the absolute perfect trend for my crazy busy life. The  Italia Sweatshirt is one of my favourite pieces of our SS2015 collection, and just happens to be 50% off this weekend!!  Hope everyone is having an awesome kick off to the summer!  And for the record, it's actually warmer in Yellowknife then Toronto this weekend! How knew?
Enter code: SUMMER at checkout! 

Top // Preloved
Bottoms //  Similar
Bag // Zara (Similar)
Shoes // Adidas

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Jules Approved: SPF

Summer’s almost here! And the beautiful weather makes you want to skip work, drop off the kids to your parents', call up your girlfriends and grab lunch/drinks in a cozy patio. But patio weather must be celebrated with caution - so protect, prime and prep your skin with some of my favourite SPFs.

1.  Vichy// ID√ČAL SOLEIL ULTRA-LIGHT LOTION SPF 50 - Doesn’t leave white film, so it’s perfect for all skin tones.


3. Murad// INVISIBLUR™ PERFECTING SHIELD BROAD SPECTRUM SPF 30 - Protects and primes the skin for an even complexion.

4. Clarins// SUN CARE SPRAY MILK SPF 50 - Age-defying sun care.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Cocktail Crush: Cucumber-Rosemary Gin and Tonic

The cocktail crush diaries continues! This cocktail is perfect for summer nights in, when you have the girls over for some after dinner snacks and good conversation. A great twist from your traditional gin & tonic, the cucumber-rosemary addition is refreshing and gives you enough liquid courage to do some impromptu karaoke.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Being Julia - Throwback Trench

This skirt is still one of my all time favourite pieces.  As we embark on our 20th anniversary, I am having a ball going through some of  the preloved classics.   This skirt was made for our SS2009 collection, and is made from an old trench coat!  The design on this still blows me away,  although the pain of producing it is still fresh.  The Georgie Trench Skirt was produced back in the day, when the design team worked in one room, and the production team in another.  There wasn't a ton of communication between the two.  When I first saw this skirt in the design meeting, I fell in love, and thought it was totally a work of art!  What we didn't realize was how specific the vintage requirements were.  It had to be produced from double breasted trench coat (with perfect buttons)  the vent on the back of the coat had to be a certain measurement and the original pockets had to be in a certain placement.  I think we must have gone through thousands of trench coats, to find the ones that would be come the Georgie Trench Skirt.  This skirt was a turning point in how we produce, and how we design, and how the two teams need to work together!    Stay tuned for more preloved classics.  #prelovedturns20

Top // preloved
Skirt // Vintage preloved
Clutch // preloved
Shoes // Zara (Similar)

Friday, June 5, 2015

Staff Pick: Yuko

Yuko - our designer, shares her Staff Picks for the week . Her picks are casual and practical but never sacrifices style . Not sure how Yuko chose the Calla Top out of all of her SS15 babies !
Get the Calla Top (comes in both White & Black) for $40 until Sunday !

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Spring Pop-up Shop!

We hosted our first Pop Up of the year earlier this month!  This time we crashed in on Cabbagetown .  It was so fun meeting and greeting with some of our die hard preloved fans, and a chance to put a face to a few of our new online fans!  Brenda It was so awesome to be back on the retail floor!  So glad the weather was great and love the Cabbagetown area, the community was very supportive and sad that we were only there for 4 days ! Don't worry, we'll be back soon .  See you shopping soon!

Monday, June 1, 2015


A weekly portrait of my children 

John :  Defending his 4th in the city title.

Mimi :  Grade 4's latest shot put star.  

Scotty: Thrilled to be apart of the relay team.  Wearing his 'fast' shoes.  God forbid, I send him to school in the slow ones!

jules xo